NSA Annapolis Emergency Public Address System

Recently you may have heard test announcements being broadcast over a public address system. NSA Annapolis has installed a new system in the North Severn area and offers this information about what the system is for and whom you can contact if you are bothered by the noise:

NSA Annapolis has completed the construction of the Emergency Public Address System with the recent addition of the North Severn Complex being added to the system. These improvements and expansion to the system will provide improved public safety messaging to the NSA Annapolis community and to you, our neighbors. This system may be heard beyond the boundaries of the installation. The public safety messages will alert all within hearing range to hazardous weather or other emergency situations within the installation. We will be conducting monthly testing during the work week. Testing will not be performed during evenings and weekends.

In addition to the emergency notification, NSA Annapolis will, starting on June 19th, begin to sound morning and evening colors each day. We are trying to minimize the bleed over of the transmission which will consist of bugle calls and the National Anthem at 0800 and at sunset. We have the ability to control transmissions will continue to try to minimize any inconvenience as we move ahead.

If you have any questions, please contact Gail Kenson at 410.293.1289 or gail.kenson@navy.mil.