Pay Dues

You may pay your 2022 Wardour Improvement Association membership dues by check or online.

1) Pay by check.

Make checks payable to Wardour Improvement Association, Inc. and mail to WIA, P.O. Box 6325, Annapolis, MD 21401

Include the following information:

WIA Annual Membership Dues $250 _________________

Boat Stickers $25 for each boat ______________________

Additional Contribution _______________________________

Total Enclosed ________________________________________

Name ______________________________________________

Address ____________________________________________

Phone ______________________________________________


2) Pay online.

You can make an online payment at Cheddar Up:

Annual Membership Letter
January 2022

(a print version of this letter was delivered to all households in January)

Dear Neighbor,

Welcome to 2022!!  This letter is coming earlier than in past years.  The Executive Committee (Ex-Com) has decided to coordinate our membership letter with our fiscal year, which runs January 1st to December 31st.  This allows the committee to have a better sense of the funding we have for the year to work on projects and maintenance of our properties.  Dues remain the same at $250.  Boat sticker fees are $25 per boat (1 boat $25, 2 boats $50, etc.) and can be paid at the same time as your dues (see form on Page 2 of this letter).  Wardour Improvement Association (WIA) continued its important work, despite the challenges, and chalked up some key accomplishments in 2021, including:

Held in-person spring and fall meetings—Our semi-annual community meetings were held in-person (a refreshing change!) and were well attended. Nancy and Jim Nolan graciously hosted our spring meeting and the fall meeting was held on Wardour Bluff. In voting action, attendees elected a new Executive Committee and made several other policy and procedural changes. You can find the full list of Executive Committee members at

Met with Maryland Department of Natural Resources on erosion—Executive Committee members met with Dr. Bhaskaran (“Baskar”) Subramanian, Chief of the Shoreline Conservation Service for the Maryland Department of Natural Resources to discuss ways to mitigate erosion along our shorelines. Dr. Subramanian provided specific suggestions for improvements the community could make that would not only reduce erosion but also enhance the natural landscapes of our shores and improve the river’s water quality.

Completed new boat racks and sticker project—After building and installing new boat racks at Crescent beach and repairing storm-damaged racks at Gudger beach, the WIA completed its effort to register all watercraft being stored at both locations. Unregistered boats have been removed and attempts have been made to identify the owners. All boats must now be registered annually (covering Jan.-Dec.) for a fee of $25 per boat. Only boats owned by Wardour residents may be stored on the racks.

Improved common areas—The grounds committee inspected all eight of Wardour’s common properties and made improvements ranging from minor landscaping to major repairs. Volunteers conducted major clean-ups of the beaches at Norwood Road and Essex Road and added many new features, including new paths, steps, benches and plants.

Completed financial audit—WIA initiated an independent audit of the community’s financial accounting for the first time in five years. No significant issues were found.

Held first “Ladies of Wardour” party—Former WIA President Kristen Olson and Anne Bolduc hosted a delightful gathering of Wardour women that included Sarah Elfreth, our representative in the Maryland legislature.

The WIA anticipates another busy year with these items on the agenda for 2022:

  • Revival of The Wardour Whistler newsletter— The WIA would like to revive the newsletter in both hard-copy and digital formats. A committee of five volunteers will be needed. Anyone interested in joining the newsletter committee should contact Ginny Vasan, Membership Secretary.
  • Restorations/erosion control for Wardour, Gudger and Essex beaches—On the advice of DNR, we have engaged with the Severn River Association (SRA) to explore various erosion-control measures for our beaches. The Ex-Com will be looking at possible grants to help fund the projects.
  • New signage for common properties and bridge repair—The Executive Committee has authorized new signs and the purchase of lumber to repair rotten wood on Wardour Bridge.
  • Additional social gatherings—Volunteers are needed.  Please contact Chris Poulsen or KristenOlson.  Perhaps an Easter egg hunt for the children, informal Friday night socials, etc.?

Thank you in advance for your support and continuing participation in our beautiful community!

Ginny Vasan                                                               Chris Poulsen

Membership Secretary                                               President