The Evolution of Wardour Boundaries and Properties

To all Wardour Residents:  This is a work in progress shared with us by a past president of the WIA. Any further information, especially from the lawyers concerning the gray areas, will be welcome.

The community known as Wardour currently comprises about one hundred homes and about one hundred acres on two “Wardour” plats and five additional homes on a third “Wardour” plat.  What we have in common, in addition to  the name, are the prior and independent rights of the owners on the first two plats to use most of the properties on the three plats to which the Wardour Improvement Association (“the WIA”, “the Association”) now holds the deeds.[1]   Wardour boundaries (and the voting rights of owners and of tenants) are defined in our Constitution, and uses of the Association properties are defined primarily in our Declaration.[2]  (Other matters are left to the Bylaws and Standing Orders.)

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