New York Times Recommends Neighbor’s Book “Essential Native Trees and Shrubs”

Congratulations to our neighbor Ginger Woolridge. Her new book Essential Native Trees and Shrubs for the Eastern United States, co-written with Tony Dove, made the New York Times book review today for recommended summer reading. See p. 32 of the print version, or find it here on the online version under “The Great Outdoors.”

This book is beautifully photographed and laid out. And it’s easy to use. I know because I’ve spent a lot of time with it this spring. We lost an old oak and needed to find three trees to replace it. Simple tables at the beginning of the book help you narrow your choices by site conditions (shady, sunny, poorly drained soil) and plant attributes (evergreen, deer resistant, flowering, autumn foliage color). Entries for each plant show what it will look like in each season, its size when young or mature, where it grows best, what to plant with it, and its value to wildlife like beneficial insects and songbirds.

Ginger has agreed to do a presentation for neighbors. We’ll keep you posted.

You can get the book through the public library. List price for the hardcover is $35, but today the amazon price is $22.48.